Solcap Energy

Solar Installations

Solcap Energy’s Unique Installation Process

Site Visit

Solcap will complete a preliminary site evaluation to confirm that site/building is suitable for solar installation and that project is economically feasible.


A preliminary design will be completed with approximate sizing of a solar system (For rooftop installations, a structural analysis will be required to ensure the integrity of your structure.)


MicroFIT and/or FIT applications will be processed and submitted. All appropriate LDC forms and transmission concerns will be addressed and submitted.

Need help with an application? We can help! Solcap Energy has been involved in multiple Application processes. Please contact us to find out how we can help you.


Solcap Energy will work on completing your solar design and begin preparation for required permits that are required by local building departments.

Pre – Installation

Prior to placing commitments with panel and inverter suppliers, Solcap will ensure that OPA conditional offers and LDC connection agreements are obtained, including confirmation that distribution lines are suitable for the increased electricity production. All structural work (if any) must be completed by this time to ensure selected buildings can support the addition live and dead loads.


Your solar system will be installed by a qualified team. All safety precautions will be addressed to ensure a safe and efficient solar installation takes place


Commissioning will be by qualified persons and all work will pass ESA inspections before grid hookup.


We can help you set up monitoring services with email alerts advising if your solar system is down.


Solcap Energy Offers a 2 year installation warranty ensuring that systems are functioning as the are designed.

Product warranties include up to 25 years linear performance on solar panels and 10 – 20 year warranties on inverters. Depending on what systems is right for you, racking systems and/or trackers warranties may vary.