Solcap Energy
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Solcap Energy is an organization that is committed to advancement within the solar industry.  Solar PV can be very beneficial and lucrative on multiple levels. While working with Solcap Energy you are not only helping promote healthy surroundings by producing clean energy, you are making a wise financial investment which adds both value to your property and business.

Thinking about the microFIT program? Does it still make sense at the new lowered rates?

Effective January 2015, the Ontario Power Authority has changed its price schedule for the microFIT program. For 10kW and under, the new rate for a roof mount is 38.4 Cents per kWh and 28.9 Cents per kWh produced by a ground/tracking solar system. Pricing is slightly lower for projects over 10kW. Full price schedule can be found on the FIT homepage. If you are interested or require any more information, please contact Solcap Energy today.